Men and woman in yoga seesion to calm the mind

How To Calm the mind through Yoga

When the term yoga is mentioned, what comes into the minds of many people is the physiological benefits associated with it, like increased flexibility and good body shape. But devoted yoga buffs know that there is a lot more to this practice than the flexibility and fashion perks. Many studies show that yoga triggers deep shifts in how the brain functions. The benefits of such shifts can calm your mind, improve your mood and relieve anxiety in great ways. Perhaps this explains why many people find this practice so addictive. Here are various ways of how yoga calms the mind.

Improves your mental well-being

If you always feel stressed and tensed about your past or future, yoga can definitely help you to abandon such unhealthy feelings. Many people find it difficult to focus on their current situation and to let the past fade away. Living in the moment makes us feel more calm and joyful. However, this can be hard thanks to the many problems that we face in our daily lives. But with yoga, all thoughts about your past mistakes and the things you need to do tomorrow will fade away as you put a stop to everything and focus on your breathing. When you don’t focus on your problems, even for the limited duration of the yoga class, you will feel more positive about yourself and your life. This will boost your mental health in a remarkable way. Check out this source for more information:


Reduces anxiety and depression

Yoga consists of different activities, like relaxation, meditation and exercises, all of which have been proven effective in reducing anxiety and depression. The body has an inbuilt stress response system for counteracting stress. Yoga works by regulating and firing it up. According to studies, just 15 minutes of yoga exercises is enough to stimulate biochemical changes in your brain required to counteract stress. With the ability to control blood sugar levels, improve cell function and enhance metabolism, yoga offers you a way to deal with depression and anxiety without resorting to costly medications.

Boosts memory and concentration

There may come some instances in life when you find it hard to concentrate on your daily tasks. This is where yoga comes in handy. Many studies have proven that yoga is effective in improving memory and concentration. There are some yoga techniques that emphasize on concentration, allowing you to calm your senses and clear your mind. As you remove all the static noises in your head, you will find that you are able to concentrate, remember things and perform better.


Prevents mental conditions

During the adolescence stage, the mind is often subjected to a lot of work and stress and this can expose it to various mental problems. With the many cases of mental disorders diagnosed in teens, it has become important to find ways to prevent such mental conditions. Yoga has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent adolescents from developing mental illnesses. Practicing a yoga technique that involves physical postures, relaxation, meditation and breathing will help improve moods, reduce levels of tension and anxiety, control anger, improve resilience, and enhance mindfulness. These are the important factors required to prevent psychological conditions in teens.

Reduces effects of traumatic experiences

People who have undergone traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, accidents or death of loved ones, often develop a condition called PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Those who suffer from this mental disorder often experience flashbacks and nightmares. There are some mental treatments that may address the underlying symptoms of PTSD, but some patients can be immune to these approaches. Especially in cases where conventional mental treatments have failed, some studies show that yoga can be effective in reducing the symptoms of this condition. Therefore, yoga can be a great remedy for the effects of traumatic experiences.

Body Awareness

Practicing yoga will increase your awareness of your own body. Yoga involves making small and subtle movements which improve body alignment. This will boost your level of confidence and comfort in your body. And that’s what you need to have a calm mind.

So if you have always doubted the power of yoga in calming the mind, there you have it. Just choose a technique that produces the most benefits and you are good to go.