Why Exercise Leads To A Sharper Mind

This article was written by Dallas Mitchell, he’s a NASM & ACSM certified personal trainer who runs  The Muscle Review. You can also find out more information about him by clicking here.


The supplement market is huge and growing at an exponential rate. When used correctly, supplements  can provide our bodies with essential nutrients that improve overall function. At this point, there is probably a supplement for everything! Of course, supplements geared toward increasing brain activity and creating a sharper psyche are important to consider. Brain supplements help your brain function better in numerous way. Luckily, there is also a non-supplement strategy that can fuel our brains just as well – exercise.


When you get done with a workout, don’t you just feel better? Sure, you may drag your feet before and during the workout because you’re tired or cranky, which is normal. But when the workout is done, your mind can change into one that feels a sense of accomplishment and worthiness. Exercise creates a natural high that can be very desirable to those looking to improve their fitness. Why do you think it’s called a “runner’s high?” This high is proven to come from an increase in serotonin levels through exercise. Serotonin is a chemical that influences neurotransmitters that move messages from the brain through the nervous system. This chemical has been found to influence your mood. If you have high levels of serotonin, you will feel more euphoric. Lower levels of serotonin have been associated with depression. So, you want to feel better? Take a walk or lift some weights.


Another way our brain benefits from exercise is that it reduces stress. And since stress can affect our moods and body functions, decreasing the amount of stress we hold on to can significantly help our minds respond better (not to mention the rest of our body).


Getting regular exercise has also been found to help your memory. Doing something that gets your heart pumping and body sweating can increase the size of the hippo-campus, which is the area involved in memory and learning. Exercise helps your brain to get more oxygen; more oxygen reduces occurrences of developing issues that lead to memory loss. So for the sake of remembering, keep working out even when you are well into your golden years.


Going along with helping our brains function as we age, physical exercise can do many things to reverse aging of our minds. Choosing activities that challenge your hand-eye coordination or complex motor skills are beneficial to building back up brain function. The increase in oxygen to our brains helps to fight ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular disease (which negatively affects our brains). Most important, however, is how exercise influences neuroplasticity by stimulating new neuronal connections.


So as you can see, exercise is such a great opportunity to improve our brains and keep a sharper mind as we grow older. We recommend that exercise be performed in conjunction with brain supplements to get even more benefits. What type of exercise you do is up to you. For beginners, start slow and easy with a few walks a week. It’s better gradually increase physical activity and go at your own pace. You don’t have to run a marathon to receive the benefits of what exercise does for the brain.

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